Right Handwriting

You will need when writing:

Triangular Pencil
Soft Pencil Foam
Chair (that is just right for your height)
Small chair (just for the chairs that is too high)

why do we use a triangular pencil?

We use a triangular pencil because it comforts our hands not like the round ones are swelling our fingers (sometimes).

Why is soft pencil foam important?

Soft pencil foam is important because when you use it (to use it slip it to the pencil tip) while you write it comforts your hand and lessens the swelling and tiredness of our hands.

What kind of chair?

Mostly people don’t ask this question but now I’m going to tell that your chair must be just right to your height.It doesn’t matter even you have a different chair as long as it is comfortable and right to your size.What I mean to the ‘just right to your height’ is the chair when you sit on is comfortable,feet flat on the floor,not too small,and not too big.

How to do the proper writing?

to do the proper writing sit on your chair with feet flat on the floor,straight body,and when ready to write still straight but looking to the writings.Then if your left handed tilt the paper to the right,if right handed tilt the paper to the left.To use the pencil properly you should use to hold the pencil is the pointer and the thumb finger only without the others supporting. The other fingers should be placed in the paper when writing. Remember if your writing gets bad because of this then try and try until you can! Cause its the only way for comfort while writing!

Love and Blessings

Angel Cuitlauzina


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