I’m back for…… 2345566423 days! 🙂 Lol, hopefully not that long though. Sooooo, how’s 2012? Never thought time would be so fast! It’s 2013! And June down here is school, rainy seasons, bad weather…. And a new student. Nothing to worry about though, students here in SISC are goodly fun! 🙂


Nature By Cuitlauzina Brianna

Wow, new post in a long time 🙂 Sorry for not posting for the last few months, I’ve been really busy with school. Anyways, I found a poem I wrote when I was younger and I liked it so I decided to post it here 🙂 


Mother Nature is a wonderful beauty

A beauty that has no ends.

But yet nature is still bullied

Can’t we be good to preserve this beauty?

May this nature be mend,

And many of them trend.

And how green

why have we been

so nasty to her life.

Now is the time to come

and never to flare.

But to be there,

When nature needs care ❤


THanks for viewing my blog 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to share new things with you by posting frequently soon 🙂 Thanks 🙂 ❤


Love and Light,

               Cuitlauzina Brianna ❤

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I’ve got a new sharing blog! U’ll see my photo collections there and music and stuff! Hope you enjoy my other blog, or in other words collection blog 😀



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Beautiful Chinese Music!

Oh my! I really love this music!  So peaceful! Hope you guys liked the music video too! Love and Light, Cuitlauzina ♥ Advertisements


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Hey there! Long time no posting 😀 Sorry, was really busy. Anyway, I’ve got good news. I’ve got new pages! Check out my page about the healthy stuff‘s!  Hope you enjoy and find the articles helpful! I’ve got also a new page about my first camp out! It was really fun!

Thanks for all!

Love and Light,

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Merry Christmas n A Happy New Year!

Just wanted to greet you guys a very happy n merry year n xmas! Sorry im late 🙂


My Day In School

Thank you for viewing my sonnet poem! Hope its okay~

My day in scho0l

is very cool.


It isn’t dull

it is cool.


Let me tell you why

the butterflies fly,


In the classroom

is so very cool.


They have different colors,

but the best are the bright ones.


But it is sad to say

something ruined my day


it is a guy

that made them die.


The Cat’s Poem

Hello! The Cat’s Poem is the first Persona Poem I made. Hope It’s okay 😀

Out in the backyard

I find a warm, wind-free spot

and love to curl up and sleep.

I dream about mice

to catch and play with,

but i’d rather play dice

to be nice to little mice.


Bed of Sweet Garden

This is my first Haiku Poem. Hope it’s okay 😀

Here she goes in the

bed of sweet scent of garden

roses and leaves grow.