My Day In School

Thank you for viewing my sonnet poem! Hope its okay~

My day in scho0l

is very cool.


It isn’t dull

it is cool.


Let me tell you why

the butterflies fly,


In the classroom

is so very cool.


They have different colors,

but the best are the bright ones.


But it is sad to say

something ruined my day


it is a guy

that made them die.


The Cat’s Poem

Hello! The Cat’s Poem is the first Persona Poem I made. Hope It’s okay πŸ˜€

Out in the backyard

I find a warm, wind-free spot

and love to curl up and sleep.

I dream about mice

to catch and play with,

but i’d rather play dice

to be nice to little mice.


Dogzbear is the first Clerihew Poem I made. Hope it’s okay πŸ˜€

Mrs. Lauren Yougge

owned Β brown and white dogs.

They ran through the glare

of the big giant bear.

The Moon

The Moon is a Metaphor Sonnet Poem I made. Hope It’s Okay:D

The Moon is a silver brooch

on an ink black, velvet gown.

A sad face

in the dark,

A happy face

in the glaze. (glaze- referring to the glaze of the stars)

A ping-pong ball

in the middle of a cloth of black.

A round cheese

in a black plate.

And even though you may say

is not day,

The Moon can take your imagination far away.

Work Hard

This is a sonnet poem I made. It is my 2nd poem. I hope it’s okay πŸ˜€

When you work hard

you can achieve your goal.

If you achieved your goal

you should still work hard.

I,you know im working hard
for this poem which is my goal.

When I achieve my goal
I will work hard to learn more.

This poem is a sonnet
but you might think it’s a free verse.

I know when we work hard
we can achive our goal in life.

We must work hard
and goal is our reward.

The Wall

Hello! “The Wall” is a rhyme poem I made. This poem is also the very first poem I made. Hope it’s okay πŸ˜€

The wall is so white
but isn’t it bright?

The wall is bright
it can be a dike.

The wall is not a bike
but it’s very light.

My wall is light
while yours is blight.

My wall is cement white
but yours is cement granite.