More About me ♥♥♥

~ My Grade 2 school ~

I remembered when I was 6 I did not care about what school I had its like any school is okay to me but I realized no when I was 7 I realized the schools differ from each other there was traditional and progressive. Now that I’m 8 I always check if the students there are good,smart students,if they are I would tell my mom that I don’t want to transfer school but if I see that they are bad,not smart students and I’m not comfortable with I tell my mom to transfer school. Now that many friends are quarreling me I will also check if they are friendly or not. My bestfriend now in school is Francine Estelle Victoria she is so much a great bestie cause she always helps me when I’m in trouble. That’s just a little of my stories in school in some next posts you may see “My grade 2 school” or some others “My grade 3 school” and so on and on in my school life. I hope you enjoyed my real life story in school! Thanks also for viewing this! ♥♥♥


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