My Personality

APRIL 18, 2012



Well hi there! I’m going to share about my personal styles =) I love Dressy, Casual, some rock  clothes and I usually play pretend to be a teacher,flying to other places,and information girl. Well I don’t have a brother or a sister so I play with my imaginary friends 🙂 =). If I’m not in the mood to play I write stories,journals,internet,ect…. I play with mom’s clothes and her clothes fit on me! First before I play I make up myself then, I think what to play and what character I will be? after that I pick the right cloth for my character. Well in April 18 ,2011 I curled my hair using mom’s rollers and I can’t imagine that curls are nice to me cuz I have a straight hair.

There you have it! I will add more next time Byeeeee 🙂

Love and Blessings Cuitlauzina


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