First School Camp Out!

It was so funnn! Firstly, my group’s name is Air Nomads and the color is white. We had a pretty awesome flag  😀  We copied the design of our flag from this image.    Our camping destination is at Philip’s Sanctuary.

Survival Gate

The first game is Survival Gate. It was real awesome. First in the Survival Gate game is the Spiderweb. You get to drop all of your bags inside the holes. I got  2 big bags, so I got pretty hard dropping it in the holes. Next part, you will go inside of it, then you will do the Wall Climb. In the Wall Climb, you will climb up a 10 feet wooden wall! Scary, huh? Err… But actually it is super fun! Our team had a tall assistant leader, so we all had a good time climbing up. Next obstacle, is the Monkey Bars. Sounds like easy… But it is high. I can even reach it, but when I jump I can. The only problem is, I’m no good at it 😀 So my teacher helped me up. Next part, the Net Climb. You get to climb a range of nets going up, then going down. When we were all finished, we shouted our yell. That is, “Jump around, scream and shout, that’s what spirit’s all about. Come on! Let’s see some spirit! Gooooo Air Nomads!!!!!”.  Even more amazing, we got the 1st place as best time!!

Treasure Hunt

Before we did the game, we went to our cottages and rested for a while. In the Treasure Hunt game, we will look for flaglets. We looked and looked. I got the smallest amount of flaglets in hand :D:D:D:D  We were third to the last. Anyway, We had 301 points from the flags, much more than enough for the water guns we will get for 25 pts each to use at the Water Gun Combat.

Zip Line

Yay!!! We cooked and ate lunch before doing the cool Zip Line. So fun! We went to the Zip Line, and I was the second from first in line! It was amazing. Really had an amazing view, wind and the brushing of the coconut trees to your face! I really hope we do it again and again. XD

Hanging Bridge

In the hanging bridge, we walked on ropes. With ropes also surrounding us to hold on. It was long and peaceful. Imagine walking in a high rope bridge, with the fresh air swaying and the cool water view beneath you. It was a total awesome thing. It was a little scary, cause I almost lost my balance 😀

Bamboo Rafting

It was relaxing in the Bamboo Rafting part. I really wanted a laugh so I planned to do something. I sat heavy on the right side of the Bamboo, and the left side sank 😀 those who are onboard said “Whoa! We need balance, bal..” Before they could finish the sentence, I did it on the left side 😀 When they saw me doing it, the also laughed 🙂

Commando Crawl

This crawl is actually a mud crawl! We had to crawl on mud. Yeah, sticky, stinky mud. Oh, and by the way, you must really crawl, not walk, or if not your group will be demerit! We was fighting over the showers 😀

Hotdog Roasting at the Bonfire

We cleaned up first and put insect repellant before going to the bonfire site, as the sun was already setting. While putting the Kerosene, we talked a little about why we have a camp out activity and what it can do for us. Then the fire arose at around 6pm. We prepared our big hotdog stick used to roast hotdogs so the small, thin stick wont burn. We made those big sticks by buying wood and metal wires and used one hot dog stick. Just attached the wood to the stick. The leader and assistant leader of our group first roasted hotdogs. Then the other highschools in our group, then grade 6. The bonfire was so wonderful-some of the fire flew up and broke down to little circles and flied like fireflies. I saw the grade 6 up to highschool members of our group roasting hotdogs and thought that roasting hotdogs by myself without any one to help me and in a forest may be a wonderful experience, even though I heard the other groups complaining that it is so hot on the face. So I tried. True, it was really hot on the face and in the arms, but despite the heat of it, I forgotten all about it and enjoyed it. It felt that I was warmed by nature, that experience warmed my heart. The other members of our group who where grade 5, grade 4 and grade 3 saw me enjoying it, they asked me if I was hurt by the heat. I said a little, but come, try it! It’s so fun!. So then they joined me, but they still don’t like the extreme heat of it. Well I was sweating a little and my face was red so I said to them that I’ve got a new idea. That idea was to use my hoodie and cover the cap on my face. It worked, I felt less hot and luckily, my hoodie is translucent, so I could see through it a little. When we were finished roasting all of it, we went to our hut and ate those hotdogs and ate some rice and canned good leftovers last lunch.

I’ve got so much to tell! I’ll tell you the next time I’ll have free time.


One thought on “First School Camp Out!

  1. It sounds like fun indeed! Please write more, including what you cooked, ate, sang, slept. …Did you play tricks on yourselves? -like you unbalanced the raft one [lol]

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